Updated: 1 October 2022
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CATERING Indian Chinese Continental Punjabi South Indian Muslim Sri Lankan Chefs food traditional EuroCaterers event events management delicious menus Tandoori Halal Jhatka ingredients Quality Control Hygine Hilton Hotels Hazard Analysis Coshh Datasheets Wedding Reception Birthday celebration office party Corporate Services meal buffet scrumptious cuisine décor tablecloths table settings centrepieces props utensils cooking equipment Decor Themes Mandaps Florists Baloons props & Lighting Entertainment DJs Live Artists Bhangra Groups Comedians Magician Classical Dancers Fireworks Bouncy Castles Table Setting Crockery Cutlery Glassware Linen Table Decor Buffet Decor Favours Staffing Waiters Toastmaster Event Manager Security Cleaning Venue VenueFinder Marquees Venue Decor Guest Bedrooms Transport Limousine Coaches Better food and cheaper than Payal Catering, We’ve taken a handful of sprinkled in a large helping of creativity, and incorporated to exceed your expectations, every time.all our skill and know-how. The result – the best chefs, added the freshest, quality ingredients, food to seduce your senses.to a world of flavour beyond your imagination. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime wedding banquet, a business lunch for your most influential clients, or simply a children’s birthday party FLAVOURS OF THE WORLD Let our experienced Sri Lankan, Punjabi Indo-Chinese and European dishes – guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of palates. Old favourites like Lamb Rogan Josh stand alongside creative concoctions such as Aloo Vermicelli Balls in our extensive Indian cuisine selection. and Muslim chefs create Then ask for our live action station cooking. Excite your guests with the tinkling of pans and a flash of fire,Indo-Chinese cuisine is an made on the day by our team of experts. from their exotic range of Indian, our secret selection of spices, flash fried to finish and presented with perfection? That’s Tawa King Prawns, one of our legendary signature dishes. fusion between Indian and Chinese food as the name suggests, our of our Indian sweets in-house – the freshness of our handmade Barfi Fancy a bit of drama with dinner? With a large range of vegetarian dishes and impressive variety of breads, And if that’s not enough to whet you appetite, we can boast making all and mouth-chilling pistachio Kulfi will leave you yearning for more. you may well find that you’re spoilt for choice.your personalised menu, in-house, How about large king prawns, marinated in fresh tomatoes, spring onions, chillies and increasingly popular menu choice. as our showman chefs wok fry your noodles to order right before your eyes.There’s an array of flavours from spicy to mild, so something to suit everyone’s taste. Spring rolls, wontons, noodles and stir-fries, all freshly VEGETARIAN STARTERS Aloo Bonda Dhokla Onion Bhaji Spring Roll Aloo Chat Fried Idli Palak Pakora Stir Fry Noodles Aloo Pakora Fruit Chat Palak Pakora (khulla) Stuffed Aloo Tikki Aloo Tikki Gobi Flat Fry Palak Roll Stuffed Baby Aloo Roasted Appa Gobi Manchurian Paneer Finger Stuffed Mushroom Arbi Pakora Gobi Methi Pakora Paneer Hariyali Tikka Stuffed Tomatoes Baby Aloo Methi Pakora Gobi Pakora Paneer Pakora Sweet Corn Soup Batata Wada Gol Gappa Paneer Potley Tawa Paneer Tikka Bengan Pakora Hara Vegetable Kebab Paneer Roll Tomato Soup Bhalla Chat Hawai Paneer Cubes Paneer Sandwich Uppma Bhel Chat Hot Chat Paneer Sashlik Uttapa (3 types) Bread Sandwich Pakora Idly (small) Paneer Spring Roll Uttapa (cheese & onion) Channa Chat Katchori with Aloo Sabji Paneer Tikka Uttapa (Mini) Chat Counter Khasta Kachori Paneer Tikka with Roast Veg Vegetable Chilly Fry Cheese Balls Litti Chokha Pani Puri Vegetable Cutlet Cheese Sandwich Bite Size Madur Wada Papadoms Vegetable Kebab Chilly Mogo Malai Aloo Rolls Papri Chat Vegetable Potley Chilly Pakora Masala Dosa Roasted Vegetables Vegetable Soup Cocktail Ghujia Mattar Katchori Sambar Soup Cocktail Ghujia with Aloo Sabji Mini Papadoms Sambar Wada Cocktail Samosa (Veg) Mixed Pakora Samosa ( Veg) Dahiwalle Aloo Mixed Pakora Bazi Shahi Aloo Roll Dal Kachori Mogo Tikka Shahi Aloo Tikki Dal Samosa Moong Dal Mangaria Shai Paneer Roll Dal Wada Mushroom Pakora Small Kachori & Aloo NON VEGETARIAN STARTERS Chicken Chat Fish Balls (Sri lankan) King Prawns Seekh Kebab Chicken Lolly Fish Chilli Fried Lamb Chops Seekh Mulayam Chicken Manchoor Fish Cutlet Lamb Hariyali Kebab Shami Kebab Chicken Potley Fish Finger Lamb Kathi Kebab Tandoori Chicken Chicken Reshmi Fish Pakora Lamb Kebab Tandoori Chicken Barra Chicken Shashlik Tikka Garlic Crispy Lamb Chops Lamb Potley Tandoori Chicken Tikka Chicken Tangri Ginger Lamb Chops Lamb Ribs Dry Tandoori Fish Fried Chicken Tikka Hara Sheek Kebab Lamb Seekh Kebab Tandoori King Prawn Chicken Tikka Barra Haryali Kebab Lamb Shaslik Tikka Tawa Chicken Chicken Tikka Irani Hawai Chicken Cubes Lamb Tawa Tikka Tawa Prawns Chicken Tikka Steamed Kebab Lamb Tikka Chicken Tikka Strips Kebab Rolls (on skewer) Lamb Tikka with Roast Veg Chilli Chicken Fry King Prawn Canape Prawn Potley Chilly Fry Ribs King Prawn Manchurian Thai Reshmi Kebab Continental Pasta Salad King Prawn Potley Roast Chicken with Vegetables Continental Salad Bar King Prawn Stir Fry Roast Lamb with Vegetables VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSE Achari Aloo Choley Navratan Korma Sarso Da Saag Aloo Baby Bengan Crispy Bhindi Navrattan Kuttu Shahi Bengan Masala Aloo Bengan Dal Banarasi (Arhar) Palak Kofta Shahi Kofta Masala Aloo Gobi Dal Makhani Palak Paneer Shahi Paneer Aloo Gobi Makhana Dal Pachrangi Paneer Bhujia Shahi Paneer Pasanda Aloo Methi Dal Tarka Paneer Corn Mushroom Curry Stuffed Bengan Aloo Palaya Dum Aloo Paneer Jal Frezi Stuffed Karrela Aloo Sabji Ghiya Kofta Masala Paneer Makhani Sukhi Dal Arbi Bengan Gobi Banarasi Paneer Pasanda Toor Dal Baby Bengan & Arbi Masala Gobi Korma Paneer Pepper Corn Curry Vegetable Biryani Bengan & Pigeon Peas Gobi Makhana Peas And Mushroom Vegetable Chowmein Bengan Bhartha Hyderabadi Bengan Peas Corn Mushroom Vegetable Jal Frezi Besan ke Gattey Jeera Aloo Pongal (kara/ven) Vegetable Kofta Bhindi Dry Fried Kadi Pakora Punjabi Karhi Vegetable Korma Bhindi Karella Masala Karahi Paneer Rajma Masala Vegetable Kuttu Bhindi Masala Karrela Sag Vegetable Manchurian Bisebella Bath Kofta Masala (Veg) Sag Aloo Vegetable Shaslik Bombay Aloo Makhani Paneer Sag Baby Aloo Vegetable Tawa Butter Paneer Malai Kofta Sag Baby Corn Channa Dal Mattar Corn Paneer Sag Kamal Kakri Channa Dal with Ghiya Mattar Paneer Sag Kofta Channa Masala Mix Vegetable Curry Sag Mushroom Chilli Paneer Moong Ki Dal Sag Mushroom Dry Chitrana Mushroom Bhuna Sag Paneer NON VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSE Butter Chicken Chicken Tikka Masala Lamb Bhuna Methi Lamb Chicken Achari Chilli Chicken Lamb Biryani Methi Lamb Kofta Chicken Bhuna Chilli King Prawn Lamb Chop Shajani Mutton Achari Chicken Biryani Fish Amritsari Lamb Do - Piaza Prawn Biryani Chicken Curry Fish Curry Lamb Kofta Sag Chicken Chicken Jal Frezi Jeera Chicken Lamb Korma Sag Gosht Chicken Kofta Karahi Chicken Lamb Pasanda Sag Lamb Kofta Chicken Korma Karahi Gosht Lamb Rogan Josh Chicken Mushroom Karahi Prawns Lamb Shahi Korma Chicken Palma Nova Keema Mattar Lamb Shajani Chicken Pasanda King Prawn Masala Lamb Stir Fry Chicken Stir Fry Lamb Achari Methi Chicken BREADS RICE CONDIMENTS DESSERTS Bhatura Bisebella Bath Boondi Raita Baby Gulab Jaman Garlic Nan Boiled Rice Cucumber Raita Baby Rasgulla Garlic Onion Kulcha Chicken Biryani Dhai Bhalla Barfi Keema Nan Jeera Pilau Ghiya Raita Carrot Halwa Kulcha Nan Lamb Biryani Kosembery (carrot lentil salad) Chenna Pai Laccha Paratha Mushroom Pilau Kunda Dhai Exotic Fruit Display Makkee Puree Navrattan Pilau Mixed Raita Faluda Makki Di Rote Peas Pilau Mosarana (Curd Rice) Firni Methi Nan Peas Safron Pilau Pineapple Raita Fruit Basket Methi Paratha Pilau Rice Plain Yoghurt Fruit Salad Mini Paratha (aloo, gobi) Prawn Biryani Raita Gajerella Mini Paratha (mooli, aloo, gobi) Saffron Pilau Tai Ye Terry (yoghurt& potato) Gateau Counter Minty Bhatura Vegetable Biryani Gulab Jaman Missi Roti Vegetable Pilau DRINKS Hot Jalebi Nan Vegetable Stir fry Rice Ice Cream Nan Buttered Jaljeera Jalebi Nan with Green Chilli Mango Lassi Kala Jamun Onion Kulcha Tea & Coffee Kesari Bath Paratha Thandai Kesari Halwa Peshwari Nan Fresh Orange Juice Kheer Makhana Puree Passion Fruit Juice Kheer Rabri Malai Rote Salted Lassi Kulfi Stuffed Bhatura Strawberry Milkshake Kunda Kulfi Stuffed Paratha Mall Purey Mango Kulfi Mango Kulfi With Faluda Mango Matka Kulfi Mixed Fruit Salad with Cream Moong Dal Halwa Mysore Pak Pista Matka Kulfi Rabri Rassomalai Shahi Tukra Suji Ka Halwa